Our Vision:


Our vision is to become a community of believers in Jesus Christ who are passionately seeking to glorify God and to live out our Christian faith in everyday living.

Our Values:

  • God-Honoring – We believe that all we do in life and ministry should bring glory to God. Therefore, life and ministry will be done by God’s power, through prayer, and for his glory and benefit, not our own.  Furthermore, we believe worship is an encounter with the living God, through which we acknowledge who He is, and by which we are personally changed.
  • Bible-Centered – We believe that the Bible should be at the core of every decision we make in life and ministry. Therefore, the Bible will be our primary focus and will provide the foundation and principles for both living life and doing ministries.
  • People-Oriented – We believe that developing people into fully-devoted followers of Christ is a primary way in which God is glorified. Furthermore, this kind of development happens best in the context of personal relationships and community.  Therefore, every Christian should be nurturing relationships of mutual accountability and discipleship within the church and relationships of spiritual opportunity and evangelism with those outside the church.